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Re: Energy and Ukraine (& More BC LNG)

  "One thing the Ukraine conflict did was juice the demand for LNG. The infrastructure is typically built with LT contracts in place. There is some spot LNG supply, but most are under LT deals. LNG is a long-term growth story. Assuming the Canadian government doesn't screw things up, the Montney players could be looking at US $4+ prices forever. This is why stocks like CR have so much upside. The market is giving CR ZERO value for 80% of their leases."
It's interesting what is happening in Canada with resource development.  It appears nigh-on impossible to do it without indigenous participation.   And if done on a reasonably (due to financing shortfalls for natives, it will never be perfectly) competitive basis, this could be a good thing for Canadan society.  I mean, how can one have an advancing society when 5-10% of your population is living in squalor with poor health, water and housing? 
Yesterday, a news story made the rounds about Pierre Polievre getting the heritage incorrect of some native participants at a Truth & Reconciliation event in Ottawa (he described them as Algonquin, the folks he had arranged to stand with in solidarity, rather than Inuit, who were also part of the proceedings).  Of course, the mainstream press attempted to bushwhack him, professing his mistake was emblematic of disregard for the native condition.
Telling was the response of one of the natives....and why I connect this event to LNG.
The native leader responded thusly to the press, who were no doubt inviting her/hoping she'd take the occasion to vent her outrage w.r.t. Mr. Polievre.  Most of what I quote below is contextual, the punchline relating to future LNG and other resource projects (no doubt including TMX ownership) is highlighted:
"MP Lori Idlout similarly confirmed it was Thompson in the photos on X, saying she is Inuk and originally from her Nunavut riding.
In one photo, Poilievre is standing head-to-head with Thompson near the eternal flame, with her hand placed on his shoulder.
The second photo taken in front of Parliament shows Poilievre standing beside Thompson and three others, including two wearing traditional Inuit clothing.
A spokesperson for Poilievre's office said the Conservative leader was at an event led by Algonquin leaders to commemorate the day, and spoke with other Indigenous Peoples there, including "these Inuit women" who were in attendance.
Poilievre was seen at the event speaking with Claudette Commanda, a well-known elder and residential school survivor from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, an Algonquin community located about an hour and a half away from Ottawa.
Thompson was posting about her meeting on X with Poilievre as early as Friday evening, saying she was ready to speak with him in the morning.
"My issues are Inuit priorities -- elder care, health, housing, economic development, hydro opportunities, carbon tax effecting Nunavut cost of living, food security, homelessness, addiction centres," she wrote.
After the meeting, she posted that Poilievre "took time" and listened to her. In another post, she said they prayed for Canada and "all the people who have been hurt by the residential school years."
"I prayed to God and told him to bless Pierre for taking the time to stand with us at the ceremonies."
Poilievre was at the event earlier in the day, but left before the official broadcasted events commenced.
Thompson took issue with Miller's post, saying if politicians could work in a nonpartisan manner, implementing the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission could be a quicker process.
"I speak for myself as an aboriginal, I'm not a people of pain, we want businesses, we want to own homes, we want to get ahead with our own independence, we don't want government hand outs," she wrote. "We were an independent people before contact. We want to be equal. We are not down cast." 
My heart sang to hear her speak thusly.  To hear her railing against the generational dependency created by the government support systems, albeit founded in legitimate concern, that do so much damage to self reliance and personal initiative. 
But, the point about LNG and the fortunes of Crew Energy, Tourmaline, Arc, CEI, KEL and others is this.  There are at least 3 potential native-JV BC LNG projects in the offing following LNG Canada completion (4 total, including Woodfibre LNG, a go already).  One native project is a definite go, the Pembina Pipe-Haisla Cedar LNG in Kitimat.  This is no small undertaking, targeting 1 bcf/d (7 mt/yr.).  They are just waiting for construction of the first plant to be complete before commencement.
And there are 2 other coastal native groups, the Nisga'a (mouth of the Nass River, far enough north to go around the obstreperous Wetsu'uwetan ancestral territory) and Tsimpshian (the folks left standing at the altar in Prince Rupert when Petronas had had enough of new dowry demands >$1b and bailed instead to a 25% interest in LNG Canada) who wish to host new LNG terminals.
Mr. Trudeau with his never-ending pandering has elevated native requests to unassailable in principle and financial (the financial part being implicit or explicit debt guarantees to facilitate their otherwise impossible ownership participation).      

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