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Off Topic, but perhaps important to the big picture

Doom feel free to bump the post, but I feel it is important to consider other aspects related to investing, not just the making of money, but what we do with it when the market rewards us.

Every time my ex-wife contacts me, it seems to cost me money, it is usually related to my kids, but this time the kids were not involved.

As part of her work she deals with a lot of people and families in dire situations and has learned over the years not to get to personally involved. But this time was different, the family is in such dire straights and in her view so deserving of help that she contacted me and also started a go fund me campaign to try and help them.

I always struggle with what is best to do with my money, as the markets have been nice a nice to provide me with excess funds, and I think it is important that when we are fortunate we give good consideration to how best to make use of our good fortune. For me helping my kids and step-kids is a no-brainer, but where do I go from there.

This family's story is somewhat hard breaking, the family now lives in Ottawa, but use to live in Afganistan prior to the American and Canadian forces leaving. There was a father, mother, 2 sons and a daughter, plus one son had a wife and baby boy. The oldest son studied to learn English, but the rest of the family has little education, the youngest son joined the militaty and fought along side the Amercian forces against the Taliban. The young man was shot by the Taliban just before the Amercian withdrawal and spent 2 months in hospital. Eventually the Canadian government rescued the family because the young son's military service put the entire family at risk, so they came to Ottawa and were put in low income housing with small government monthly payments. Shortly after arriving the father died of a heart attack, the family did not even know how to get medical assistance, this left the family with only 6 members, and the mother with no education and mental health issues has been struggling as have the younger members of the family.

My ex=wife contacted me asking for support for her go fund me campaign (the d=first time she has ever started a campaign, but she felt the family was in need and very deserving of help.) She was trying to get computers for the ex=soldier and his younger sister who are in a program to learn English and other skills to adapt to Canadian life and get jobs, but they have no spare month for basic toiletries let alone computers. So yesterday I went to Costco and bought a laptop for the family to share and hopefully learn how to use, I do not think it is going to be easy for them to learn, but at least the older brother speaks some english and may be able to help.

I am struggling with how involved I want to get with this family, but do not wish to ignore there needs as life has been good to me and put me in this position where I could provide support rather than just ignore them and move on with my wife. So once again my ex=wife has put me in an uncomfortable position, I suppose I will help out as I can until I feel comfortable again.

Anyway, for any one else who would like to make a concrete difference in a deserving families life, the go fund me campaign is below: Thanks to those of you who have read my off topic thoughts.

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