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Here's what I said:
A lot of money needs to return to Venezuela for a long time before any material progress is made.
Here's how you interpret/twist what I said:
If you think Venezuela is gone from the oil market forever that is your choice I see them as a wildcard at some point in the future.
Virtually everything you say is inaccurate and childish.
First of all, I don't "think" anything. I am stating facts. Venezuela lost over 90% of their production over the last few years. That is not a "thought" in my head. It is a reality on the ground.
Second, I did not say "forever." You did. Gaslighting like this is juvenile.
Third, it is not my "choice." Again, I am not a party to what is happening. You seem to want to take sides as if this is some kind of war or contest, but I am simply trying to analyze the situation as a neutral observer.
Finally, to say that you "see them as a wildcard at some point in the future" is a lazy and cheap way to defer your analysis indefinitely. That doesn't add value to the conversation. It is simply a redundant argumentative grouping of words.
They mentioned a 500k cut which is not nearly enough
They cut by 2m b/d, with an estimated 'real' or 'net' cut of 930,000 
The only reason oil recovered short term was due to the war
Huh? Oil rallied to $93 and change after OPEC's cut last month. The war started in February. You may be confused.
Regarding your sentence that "OPEC+ is lagging action," you are stating an obvious fact that everyone would agree with. It is not a revelation to point out that OPEC responds to market balance/crude pricing. Did anyone here make a contrary argument, such as OPEC employing psychics who allow them to take action ahead of future market changes? 
"You come across as anything you post is fact"
Really? Half of what I postulated was tentative and conditional. I also explicitly stated that I wasn't sure of a couple of things. I also made clear that I am making certain assumptions. I'm not sure why you are so threatened by my opinion, but being passive aggressive doesn't help you add value to the conversation.
I typically don't waste time with trolls but since I am about to add you to my ignore list, I thought I owe you the reasoning behind why you will no longer hear from me again. 
PS - for the benefit of those who are going to still see your posts, you may want to employ the use of paragraphs. Otherwise it gives the impression that you're furiously typing out one big, long, senseless tirade. Oh wait...  

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