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Re: Back to the White Elephants

In every conceivable way.
The risk profile of this project is off the charts. They aim to employ concepts, technologies and complex interrelated systems that have never been tested, let alone implemented for quotidian use and generational lifespans.
I see tons of issues with firefighting and emergency services, air flow, heat management, congestion, mental health, air quality, environmental damage and energy efficiency to name a few issues.
Do you have any idea how much glass they will need for this project? Square kilometres of highly specialized, tempered, glazed, engineered glass = $$$$$$
There is a systemic global shortage of glass (originating from dwindling supplies of source sand). Do you know what the effect of that glass is in the mid-day heat in that region? I have measured over 80 celsius in city centres in Gulf cities due to solar concentration. I have experienced melted dashboards and bumpers of vehicles stationed in between glass buildings. 
Don't get me started on cost overruns for a project like this. It will end up costing 5-10 times more than planned and that is assuming they abandon the majority of the marketed features. You'll end up with an extremely expensive archeological relic that scars the landscape.
But I digress. The reason I wrote my missive was to bear good news for oil investors, not to commiserate over the inevitable failure of these projects.

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