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O&G - The Coiled Spring

See a lot of freaking out as of late.  Many building their own doom cash bunkers.   But still fully invested. Perhaps not smart or deft enough to trade much. To each their own.
Trying times for sure. First major shooting war in Europe in 77 years, with a malignant declining power - yet with 4500 nuclear weapons.
I view the recent action as extremely bullish.  Yes, I'm down 33% since June, but still up 90% since Jan 1.  And will not bore anyone with my exponential gains since March 2020.    Expecting (and hoping), for big time dividends and capital gains next year or so.  2-4x gains perhaps. Compare that to the general market. Even the mighty Tesla and Apple getting clobbered, (and both selling discretionary goods).
So, today. Dow down 500 points. WTI down $1.50. Gas down. Yet still eked a tiny gain (thanks to VET and AR).  I sense a sector switch to O&G. Perhaps for many years, if not a decade or more.   As well stated on this board: O&G is in terminal short supply with no hope of more supply. Combined with rising, or at worst stagnate demand. Still the lifeblood of modern civilization, along with food supplies (reliant on O&G).   But if the s... really hits the fan not much one much to do.  Paper dollars, and equities recorded on computer data bases will not help much. Physical bunkers with silver, gold, spam, firearms, may hold for awhile, till mobs or the state appear to share your wealth.  We're all tied into the modern world; like it or not.
The spring is well coiled, and due to release soon. This winter is the tell. Now to football weekend.
Best wishes and luck to all.

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