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Re: Next FED rate announcement is Nov. 2

Here is a pretty good article explaining in simple terms how the FED got to this point and its most likely path forward.
I like the article, up to the point where he explains his portfolio strategy:
He has his list of stocks that he owns, and that he wants to own more of, so he will never sell in a declining market, just reinvest dividends and somehow find even more new cash to plow into these stocks.
That really floored me when I read that.
What is the problem with selling?
Of course, if you have sold covered calls, then you can't sell the underlying until they expire or you buy them back. Or, if the stock has liquidity problems on the exchange you are using, it might be hard to get back into the size you want near the posted offer.
But otherwise, if your stocks are going down, and you actually expect them to keep going down, then just sell, ffs. It just takes 60 seconds to buy them back later, when the trend has turned.
I sold 10 and kept 26 a few days ago. The ones that I kept seemed to be reluctant to follow the declining trend in the general indexes, or so it seemed. I probably should have sold more of them, although most of the 26 are holding up quite well.
I do not regret selling the 10 that I sold, although they were all sold at a loss, from a few percent to around 50% loss. Hate to do it, but it was the best thing to do. All of them can now be bought back much more cheaply (if I even want some of them anymore) and probably even more so in the days ahead, as this market is showing no signs of turning up any time soon.

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