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America's State Coal Associations Response to the Schumer - Manchin Agreement---WOW!

We, the undersigned, represent America’s coal industry and join together to address the Manchin-Schumer plan released on Wednesday, July 24 pertaining to major energy and climate policy for the United States. Last week U.S. Senator Joe Manchin announced his agreement with Senate Leader Chuck Schumer on U.S. Energy and Climate Policy.
The more you read and digest the provisions found in over 700+ pages of legislative digest, the more it becomes abundantly clear this legislation will serve to severely threaten American coal and the $261 Billion of annual revenues that it produces for the nation's overall economy and attendant 381,000 American jobs. This legislation is so egregious, it leaves those of us that call Senator Manchin a friend, shocked and disheartened.
Senator Manchin has seemingly fought against numerous climate measures advanced over the past year by the national democratic establishment insisting that America’s Coal assets be protected and allowed to continue to operate as carbon reduction strategies are developed and proven to be effective within reasonable cost and performance parameters. The current Schumer-Manchin draft agreement on climate and energy frankly leaves us questioning the motivation and sincerity of Manchin's previous stance and his repeated chant: we must "Innovate not eliminate".
The current Schumer-Manchin draft agreement will quickly diminish our coal producing operations and all but obviate any need to innovate coal assets. Not surprising, the Schumer-Manchin proposal was quickly hailed by President Biden as the "most historic energy and climate legislation ever advanced".
We also understand House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and climate activist Bernie Sanders have signed off on this legislation, which alone speaks volumes to the extreme and deadly scenario it brings to our natin’s coal industry. Let's be perfectly clear...the Schumer-Manchin bill does afford needed relief, additional incentives, and many advantages for renewables and other energy forms. You will certainly hear their voices in the chorus of people supporting this measure. However, the Schumer-Manchin bill does nothing for coal or coal generation nor does it reduce inflation or lower household energy costs.
Conversely, by turbocharging the lofty incentives that already extend to renewable energy, our nation’s baseload (reliable) coal electric generation assets will continue to be devalued and thrust into rapid decline as will the thousands of miners, plant workers and the 371,000 American families who household incomes depend on these jobs.
The Schumer-Manchin bill doubles the current tax on coal and subjects mining companies to the highest tax of any other American business effectively costing mining companies tens of millions of dollars in new taxes and adding to the complexities of keeping state fuel and household energy costs stable and competitive.
More disturbing, the Schumer-Manchin proposal provides President Biden's EPA with the clear and unbridled ability and expanded budget to regulate greenhouse gases and state coal assets however they deem appropriate or in the most punitive manner possible.
The language in this proposal has predictably already received a glorious "Thank you Joe" from Biden's climate Czar John Kerry and current EPA cabinet officials for removing the critical underpinnings of the recent decision victory in West Virginia v. USEPA before the U.S. Supreme. Court that was championed by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey in June.
Why Now? This is a question being asked universally. Where's the rhyme or reason behind advancing the Schumer-Manchin proposal as we watch inflation grow, energy costs increase, and every American family hunkering down to make personal sacrifices while stretching available dollars.
Why now as we watch the struggles of Ukraine against Russia and world stability weakening by the day and with every country within the European Union looking to West Virginia and West Virginia coal to replace Russian energy supplies. Every reasonable politician including Senator Manchin has made credible arguments for not using the budget reconciliation process requiring a simple majority vote to enact such critical and complex policy decisions affecting our countries foundational principles.
So WHY NOW Senator Manchin? In response to this question, we will be entertained by the most confusing and artfully stated political jargon imaginable. But to the average American who tends to use "straight talk" when engaged in important discussions, advancing the Manchin-Schumer bill today will make no sense whatsoever and only makes a mockery out of the importance of the Byrd Rule for legislating through the budget reconciliation process.
State officials and Coal miners everywhere have applauded our nations abundance of coal opportunities as a world energy crisis unfolds and energy costs for the average person skyrockets. American coal is desperately sought out worldwide in large measure due to the unpredictable and underperforming operating nature of existing intermittent energy sources.
Why support anything Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry want for coal? It is incomprehensible why any miner would support the Manchin-Schumer legislation which will not only put an immediate stop to the investment and financing behind our states coal and electric generating assets but forever foreclose on America's coal industry! End.
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