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Re: The disconnect between demand destruction from interest rate hikes and demand creation/ Gov't is here to help

  Whether it happens or not isn't likely a question for us given our age Bob.
 What is most concerning for our kids is the move by one side of the political spectrum  in democracies to  consolidate  the power of gov't and bureaucracies together, to work as one. The rise of socialism hand in hand with MMT, the green movement, rising gov't debt, we know where that goes, history is littered with examples.
 The need to eliminate all opposition is key,  politicians they don't like,  judges that don't follow their thinking, the use of the justice system to force that thinking on unwilling participants. Attack the opposition with all tools available, be relentless, now very public show trials are a thing again, history repeats, Stalin was a fan. The MSM just jumps on board. 
 Whatever the road block, eliminate it.  Bigger gov't with more control is key to all of this, self reinforcing their own self interests, there is a natural synergy.
 Is this on topic, yup, energy is at the center of all of this, what we use, how we use it, how we fund it or don't fund it.  Energy is life, without it nothing works with 7 billion participants in this exercise. Energy and how we use it is the change agent, the climate is the lever, this is now at the center of this power struggle. I hear rumors of climate lock downs coming to the EU this winter, a new form of rationing. Locking down an entire country, never happen right!
We've been told repeatedly lately this is war.  Never let a crisis go to waste.
  Like minded politicians and bureaucrats want to control your life,  all in the name of the climate/environment, to save us from ourselves.  We won't discuss the science, there is to be no debate. Records can be changed, history itself,  anyone who doesn't believe is  a denier, all that matters is that our plan moves forward.  
 This movement is growing ,  education in democracies indoctrinate kids early to believe this is the only viable solution. Capitalism has become the enemy, unless your a billionaire capitalist. In some countries they call them oligarchs, dictators are beneficial to their pursuits. Davos comes to mind. Coordination is important. Freedom of expression and thought is ok as long as it is their thoughts and their expressions. Rules of decorum fall by the wayside in democracies, the opposition is quickly becoming the enemy. 
 Cancel culture, the desire to impose a mindset, the move towards public censorship and media group think are just by products of this prime directive. Working with the opposition to find common ground, not to be considered, attack them and their ideas. If your not with us, your against us. Technology is a great tool towards that end if managed properly.
This is dangerous to democracy,  one side seems to think democracy is just one more obstacle to overcome. Everyone must march in lock step, how could you possibly see the world differently than we do?
Wilk worries about group think on this BB, we should worry about the group think occurring in democracies where only one vision of the future is acceptable.  As a Star Trek fan it feels a bit like the Borg assimilating everyone that stands in their way, resistance is futile. Sadly, very hard to see how this ends well for our kids. 

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