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Msg  427775 of 428776  at  6/22/2022 6:22:59 AM  by


Further escalation.

Russian oil refinery 8km from Ukraine border on fire after apparently being hit by drone.

Russia seems to be making more rapid progress in Donetsk/Luhansk.

" Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov says countrys priority is to prevent nuclear war"

It seems Zelinsky is trying to involve entire world in Ukraines domestic civil war.

Fact that so many, probably by far majority, on this board seem to believe that Russia can be made to back down or pull back
from Ukraine without major escalation of the war makes me think that this may well explain why market is holding up so well, if this view is reflected in North America. Such a view is primarily based on reason & applying North American culture, values & priorities
to the situation. This is Russia & this is a fight for survival & while not yet, it is close to Total War.

We may well be seeing tail end of Doom's boom still holding up consumer spending & demand BUT that will rapidly come to an end when REAL bite of energy prices kick in. Europe's addiction to free money & socialist entitlement policies are unsustainable.
Europe is already politically fragmented & talk of it being united is b.s.

Add in the effective end to globalisation, which has been primary determinant of economic growth since end of WW2 and the stated
determination of Austin, Blinken , Scholtz and Zelinsky to push Russia out even from Crimea, it is hard to see how the
majority can be justified in their optimism.

Bubbling in the background is Iran & Erdogan's ambitions over Northern Syria. There are many regional tensions as well as China/ Taiwan which may well enflame situation.

Whatever else one may say of Donal Trump he at least understood the NEED to allow other nations to " breath". Both he & Flynn
were blocked from the beginning by those who want only complete DOMINANCE & cannot abide anybody having alternative views.
It is apparent again in Haebeck & Baerbock of Germany now the closest allies of Washington.

The old order has changed like it or not.

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