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Msg  369998 of 372559  at  11/25/2021 9:14:59 AM  by


The morning after..

Clearly the touted around the world co-ordination with our friends on oil release greatly exaggerated.

U.K. muttering about release from private holders, Japan a few hundred thousand bbls maybe, India promises promises, & of course China silent on co-ordinated action, will do what suits them.

But what does seem clear now after German election is that E.U. is placing belief about climate etc., BEFORE the economy.
This MUST play into Putin's concerns with Nordstream 2, Ukraine etc.

We may well see the beginning of serious decline in European economy & euro already indicating that. Refugees may well again be come very serious issue as Greens talking of welcoming them too.

BUT there are the beginnings of reality from farmers, truck drivers, working class people, the professional classes still too polite to venture open opinion due to wokists etc., etc., that all this talk of Green climates is going to COST them and impact them personally NOW. The psyche will swing from ying to yang as the implications of this extreme liberalism sinks in. Not everybody will be happy to sit and smoke dope as Germany seems to be advocating. Maybe it is that that explains the flight from reality in recent years. Be happy love everybody etc.

Biden administration seems to think they can expect OPEC + after years of low price to take ever lower prices while maintaining supply to assist E.U. & North America transit to alternatives!? Turkeys looking forward to Christmas etc.

MBS now knows he is best placed with Putin, indeed most in M.E. must see that.
And this can only cement Xi & Putin in their relationship as China depends on energy supply from both M.E. & Russia.

Since believe climate concerns excessive & oil needed, best stop now or will be accused of sleeping with the enemy!!

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