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Re: Is Turkey Big Enough to Matter?

Look at the map!

Turkey with population of close to 100 million has second biggest army in NATO.

But the real issue probably is refugees & ERDOGAN!

Turkey is been paid to hold back refugees from M.E. trying to get up through Balkans to Europe. Latest through Belarus & in to Poland.

( Maybe worth remembering that when Western Roman Empire collapsed under pressure of refugees from the East, Islam swept across North Africa & up through Spain into France as also up through the Balkans & to Vienna. And for several hundred years were the dominant force as Europe descended it what has been called the Dark ages )

BUT now there are additional 23 million Afghans facing into winter & disastrous situation.

Will Iran let them flow through Iran & Erdogan move them along into Europe to put pressure for financial relief.

Then there is Russia eyeing a festering wound over Ukraine/Crimea & now Moldovia a problem with gas as Washington again
emphasises sanctions against Nordstream 2.

Russia, Turkey, The Balkans & access through the Bosporus has ALWAYS been a flash point for hostilities.

Of course Turkey matters. Nuclear & air supremacy is all fine & good BUT what good is that when the other guy has even more.

Europe is staggering again. Look at dollar/euro and ask why?

WHO predicting Europe will have 2.2 million deaths from virus by Spring. By the way China again down to single numbers & only a handful of deaths from the beginning. Neat trick that BUT current restrictions on free speech & deference to Doom & his efforts to keep a modicum of manners obliges.

What also must be of concern is the similarity of the issue for China/Russia of Taiwan/Crimea.
Very dangerous times as also issue of Iran/Israel unresolved.

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