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Steven Koonin's Unsetlled

Koonin's book: Unsettled: What Climate science Tells US, What it Doesn't And Why it Matters became available today.
Somebody on this board provided a link to a podcast interview with Koonin a few days ago. I listened to it yesterday. I tried to buy the book and saw that it would not be available until today. He is a physicist, was Obama's Scientific Advisor for the Energy  Department, and identifies as a Democrat.  He was asked by the American Physical Society to write a position paper on climate change in 2013. He gathered a group of physicists. He was amazed at the uncertainty in the field of climate science and dismayed by the misinformation put forward by the politicians and press. He wrote an Op ED for the Wall Street Journal and was attacked viciously. 
I downloaded the book today and I just finished the rather long introduction. I believe this book will be incredibly influential in the climate debate. Again, the science is not settled and we are being fed deliberate misinformation. He even predicts how he will be attacked in the introduction This appears to be a very researched, well written book full of references and will be difficult to ignore.

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