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Msg  298801 of 306394  at  11/27/2020 5:26:56 PM  by


Everybody Loves Raymond

I have lost my A$$ this year in every regard.
> On long term ownership production
> On newly purchased production
> On partnership old and new production WI
> On over-riding royalty interests (as per return on investment) other than my own earned
> On royalty interests other than on my own land (as per return on investment)
> On every piece of ship company that I invested in that I thought were better operators than I am
> On dang near every crude oil option that I bought
> On every day trade that I have ever made (lifetime)
> My dog died and my wife won't leave me
Gloom...dispair and agony on me......whoa! 
Now to the everyone loves Raymond  subject title. Everyone loves a winner....right!
As an investor....producer....poster and friend to most (I hope) I just want to advise all of you that you should put me on ignore as I am the only person/poster that has not done well this year as I evaluate the successes posted on this board.
However.......there is always next year! Thanks to all.

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