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Re: CDC Excess Deaths... No Significant Change

The virus has a low death rate overall that is nearly impossible for underdeveloped health care systems to record or notice. I mean really. I cannot stand this "official numbers from a poor communist country" stuff.

I mean China, where the military was deployed in an emergency basis to weld shut apartment building doors and doctors were arrested to shut up the early information from embarrassing the government, has fewer official deaths than the two counties of Long Island NY. Wuhan by itself has 2x the population of Long Island by the way, you get the other 1.15 billion Chinese thrown in for statistically free.

Getting to Vietnam the idea that a county with a lower GDP per capita than a (poor and very modestly developed) place like the Philipines has a perfectly accurate count of who died of a flu-like virus that affects most people who have significant other health challenges is...unlikely.

Inida has less than half the US deaths in total (so population-adjusted something like 1/10th or so of US deaths) I suppose because of its advanced national health care system that reaches all of its citizens instantly apparently.

Heck Sri Lanka has less than 100 official deaths in total so population-adjusted Sri Lanka had less than population deaths than Inida or the United States. Population adjust Sri Lanka is running at 1/100TH!!!!!! the US death rate.

You will find that there is a surprising correlation between GDP per capita far under first world numbers and death rates at fraction of France, Italy, Germany, or the US. Wheeewwwww ....those Germans...yikes what a shithole that place is. Clearly, Sri Lanka is where you want to be.

It's a world full of miracles. Just not in Europe or the United States.

There are some real-world bright spots with extremely high-quality data and first world populations where they had much more proper cultures for dealing with public disease spread (South Korea, Japan). Use those as examples if you wish.

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