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Msg  275829 of 281215  at  5/29/2020 7:48:22 PM  by


Canadian O&G May performance

 Thinking back to the beginning of the year and $50 Oil expectations Oils are still roughly 50% lower. 
Name Daily 1 Week 1 Month YTD 1 Year 3 Years
Cenovus Energy Inc-0.50%1.52%18.81%-54.55%-46.71%-51.69%
Whitecap Resources-0.98%-5.14%10.93%-63.42%-56.06%-78.29%
Canadian Natural-0.20%-0.79%7.89%-40.12%-31.15%-35.73%
MEG Energy Corp-0.31%1.27%2.89%-56.70%-26.77%-41.50%
Parex Resources-1.40%-5.38%1.44%-35.90%-24.63%-4.97%
Seven Generations Energy Ltd-3.33%-7.35%0.69%-65.76%-61.59%-88.16%
Vermilion Energy-4.46%-4.06%0.15%-67.69%-76.15%-83.71%
Crescent Point Energy-3.00%-2.02%-0.00%-66.49%-58.64%-83.68%
Tourmaline Oil-0.29%-1.94%-0.87%-10.12%-21.29%-49.54%
Freehold Royalties-4.26%-5.51%-3.49%-50.62%-55.77%-72.79%
Imperial Oil-2.63%0.94%-4.36%-37.38%-41.37%-44.39%
Suncor Energy-1.83%-1.30%-5.00%-44.60%-43.75%-44.69%
Pason Systems Inc.1.13%-0.42%-5.15%-45.23%-62.72%-63.10%
ARC Resources-2.97%-4.31%-5.45%-32.15%-27.55%-67.51%
Baytex Energy Corp-4.55%0.00%-5.62%-77.54%-80.73%-89.42%
Secure Energy Svcs-4.92%0.00%-7.20%-77.08%-83.31%-87.24%
PrairieSky Royalty-1.52%-4.22%-10.81%-40.38%-49.27%-69.82%
Husky Energy Inc.-7.40%-5.83%-13.20%-62.76%-69.59%-75.95%
Frontera Energy-4.08%-7.35%-21.03%-63.98%-74.04%-82.13%

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