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Scottrade and TaxCut

Scottrade sent an email blast that the 1099-DIVs are available online as of today. For those who use TaxCut and would like to imort trades from Scottrade, it is a two-step process that takes a little time but is not onerous. TaxCut does not import data directly from Scottrade.
First, open your TaxCut return and go to the Income section, drop down to Stock Import. A screen will open that asks if you want to Import directly or use a CSV file. Select CSV, and another pop-up screen will appear.
Next, go to your Scottrade account and open the Gains/Loss Tax Center, then Gain/Loss Reports, then Prior Year Gain/Loss Summary. Click on "View Details" to see all trades.. In the upper right corner there is a link "Export to Excel" download - click on it to down the file, and save it into your TaxCut folder. You may want to rename it if you have more than one account. Delete the first four rows - you do not need them.
Next, go back to TaxCut and click on the CSV download tab, and import the file. Across the top are some labeled columns - make sure you use only the columns needed. One column - the number of shares - is not needed so do not label that column. Hit import, and viola! - you're done!

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