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Rob Cos Vegas Celebration
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Rob Cos

The following message was updated on 4/29/2015 12:15:15 AM.

Just confirmed Cormedix (CRMD) CEO will present Sat at our Main Vegas Investing Session in addition to Dr David Stirling's co already on agenda. GREAT agenda just got even better...Here is updated Sat agenda....


Saturday May 2

8:00 am (SHARP!) to Noon – Petrus 1 meeting room Wynn Hotel 8:00 to noon….Please arrive by 7:45 am the latest….Our main session…

7:30 am – volunteers arrive for setup

7:45 am Check in

8:00 am (SHARP!) - Overview of morning and introductions Rob Cos

8:15 am - Current top stock ideas (as of May 2 stock prices)Rob Cos -The session will be start with Rob discussing his top stock ideas for the next year based on stock prices and fundamentals as of May 2…session will be interactive with discussion from all. This session could be particularly important given the recent pullback in biotech – which may provide an opportunity to enter some of these stocks at good entry points. A session not to be missed. Will include discussion of Celgene partner stocks.

8:45 amBrief presentation from the CEO of Cormedix (CRMD) which is one of Rob Cos’ top picks – Randy Milby-Cormedix Chief Executive Officer. I have just confirmed a great addition to our agenda – the actual CEO of CRMD has agreed to come to Vegas and give our group an overview of CRMD at this critical juncture before the May 8th EU court date and in the middle of the Elliot/Evercore sale process with CRMD actively meeting and talking with interested parties this week. A great agenda just got better - do not miss the Saturday session!

9:05 am - Group discussion of others top picks – Anyone who has done detailed due diligence and would like to discuss their top pick from the audience come prepared to talk about your favorite stock at current prices of that day, and reasons why you feel strongly about them. We’ll hit as many as we can in the time allotted. Anyone wishing to discuss the positive rationale for owning CELGZ should come prepared to discuss it here.

9:25 am - Discussion of “RJ Kirk” stocks Rob Cos from podium…Chris G and Steve H from audience…. discussion of XON, ZIOP, HALO, FCSC and other stocks connected to perhaps the best biotech investor in the world and a guy who is always the smartest guy in the room – RJ Kirk.

9:50 am - Technical view of CELG, ZIOP, ACAD, XON, CRMD, HALO, SGMO, AGIO and XLRN Brian T - Top Technical Analysis man Rob Cos knows will provide real time technical comments on the above stocks owned by many at the meeting and an overview of what he looks for in his technical analysis. If time permits, we’ll take some audience requests as well.

10:10 am 10 minute break for coffee or decaf

10:20 am – Brief overview of Dr David Stirling’s (One of Celgene founders & considered “The Father of the iMIDs”) new company BioTheryX – which he calls “Celgene 2.0” Lawrence (Larry) Zaslow, President, BioTheryX, Inc. – Very brief overview…..we need to decide – could this really be Celgene 2.0…..purpose is to give just a high level overview to judge interest…those interested will sign up later in the week to join a more detailed conference call with Dr David Stirling (CEO of BioTheryX) and decide if they want to sign an NDA to do more detailed due diligence and participate in the private placement.

10:40 am - Raymond James overview - Steve R from the podium and Jason B in the audience - Includes using covered calls on runs and selling puts on dips to add income to your account. (See email with attachments) – This is the ONLY outside broker Rob Cos uses, with a great track record (Separately many have scheduled an informal & casual one-on-one with Steve and Jason from RJ at their pool cabana all day Friday or during off time Saturday or Sunday…See the post on this Vegas Board on how to contact them – most spaces are filled but you can schedule a conference call with them) – Congrats to Steve who is again in a recent Barron’s as one of the top financial advisors in the country! (Please see the attachments to a previous email I sent out for some information on Steve and Jason and Jay of Raymond James…In the 850 Magazine article on him note the quote from our very own Dr Fouse!)

Here is link to how to set up the one on ones and more information on RJ and Steve and Jason including some real live results from my RJ account…

11:00 am - You’ve accumulated wealth - now keep it for you and your heirs: - Jim K – Jim K Capital. Conservative strategies and basic discussion of trusts. Discussion of how to protect a percentage of your portfolio with more conservative strategies in a low interest rate environment. Discussion of basic trust rules – how to protect your wealth from the taxman when it’s time to pass it on to your heirs. Jim’s strategy for clients.

11:20 am - Overview of Rett Syndrome Charity collection Rob is asking you to bring a check to support, charity raffle for top quality show tickets for Saturday Night and Sunday - Rob Cos – Over the yrs. Rob has helped many enhance their investment success with his tireless due diligence, posting of reports and his analysis, sending out countless emails for over a decade to his distribution list and personally answered thousands of emails and PM’s on investing questions without charge or benefit to himself. Many have asked what they can do for him….well for the first time he is asking for support of a charity that is very important to him – one that affects many young girls including Rob’s neighbor. Rob will briefly explain why this is important to him and asks you to bring a blank check to the meeting to support this effort. Those contributing to this and those who previously contributed to the Vegas Celebration donations will be entered into a raffle for show tickets for Sat and Sunday.

11:30 am – Closing remarks of the business section of the meeting, Q&A for Rob Cos and others Rob Cos and Audience

11:50 am - Moranpicks analysis of several Kentucky Derby Day races including the Derby itself Mark M - there are several high stakes races both Friday and Saturday. Moranpicks will give us selections and comments on races that start from noon Saturday to the 3:25 PM PST Kentucky Derby…Bet on your own at the Sports Book and come watch the races in Rob’s Suite. (We are asking everyone to bring $10 cash and deposit it in the Kentucky Derby box – we will have Moranpicks bet for us Friday and Saturday and the proceeds/winnings will go to defer extra costs and to help those less wealthy or newer guests who might find the above average costs at Wynn a bit challenging financially).

12:15 am- Further craps lessons and strategy session - Rob Cos - (on top of the pool side craps lessons 9:30 am Friday morning at the outdoor Craps table at the Encore European Pool Friday)….. (Wynn graciously added an hour to our meeting at no charge so we could go as long as 1 PM for those interested – this will change the Kentucky Derby Party in my Suite to 1:45 pm to 3:45 PM).

Saturday Afternoon/Night

Lunch - based upon the survey most people wanted to fend for themselves for lunch and avoid another per person cost…Highly recommend preordering sandwiches at Zoozacrackers perhaps Friday for pick up Saturday at noon – this place will be packed near the Sports Book around the Kentucky Derby – preorder…another option is the wonderful buffet.

Afternoon at leisure for pool, sight-seeing, fitness center, spa, gambling or come to sports book and Rob’s Suite for Derby betting/watching, etc

1:45 PM to 3:45 PM – Sports/horse betting in sports book and watching races including Kentucky Derby in Rob’s Wynn Salon Suite – drinks will be served at Rob’s Suite –– seating is limited so it will be more like a standing cocktail party with maybe 15 seats we can rotate. (NOTE: demand for this was MUCH more than I expected and 88 people signed up – while I am sure the suite can hold this many its more than recommended for sure so please be quiet on the way to the suite and in the hallways so we don’t have security shut us down. Will send out my suite # via email and facebook and will tell you it at the Saturday Morning meeting)

Dinner starting times 5:30 PM up to 7:30 PM – In groups of 6 to 10 people from our group 10 in different restaurants already posted and sent out based upon how you voted for your top restaurants on survey monkey and the availability on that very busy night – based on those results we have done our best to get as many reservations as we could. Please bring cash to the Saturday and Sunday dinners as they will be settled at the table…Heavy gamblers ($200 avg bet for 4 hours or $400 avg bet for 2 hours) might want to collect the table cash and charge to their room as a possible comp. There are still some openings at this link (which is fluid and constantly updated based on new requests) if you want to take them let us know ASAP.

Night Free for shows, concerts or going the Mayweather Pacquiao fight which is now a DEFINITE at MGM Saturday May 2 (fights start at 6PM) – a few people are headed to Mandalay Bay Ballroom for PPV but you need a ticket.

Sat Late Night – meet at Encore Eastside Lounge for drinks and Sinatra type music with the talented Michael Monge who is there all weekend…pay cover and sit inside or listen from the bar right outside …Those looking for younger hipper music should head to Surrender in Encore or XS in Wynn perhaps the best club in Vegas. XS has some of the world’s best DJ’s that weekend including David Guetta Friday, Kaskade Saturday, Aviccii Sunday and Lil Jon Monday. If any of the younger people are interested let me know and I will try to help.

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