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Top Ten or Best of All Time lists

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Msg  376 of 380  at  12/30/2014 10:32:10 PM  by


Top 5: Best (or most memorable) Meals/Snacks You Ever Had

Only criteria is that you had to have purchased the meal, either at a restaurant, or take out. Doesn't have to be a fancy place. Food should be the main driver of your selection, but if ambiance (high-brow, low-brow) plays into your selection a bit, share. Let us know if it was a recent dining experience, and if the place is still there.

(I'm beginning my 2015 travel/Foodie planning and always looking for new places/food to try.) 

#5 -  Brown Derby - MGM Grand, 1997 (now closed) - My Dad and I based out of Las Vegas for a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, and prior to starting we stopped here for dinner. We both got huge steaks, with me getting the 20 ounce bone-in rib-eye an inch thick. Best steak I ever had. Aged beef, tender and juicy.
#4 - Katz Deli - Houston St. NYC - (open) - I know, a bit of a touristy place, especially with the whole "When Harry Met Sally" thing,  But I usually stop in for some take-out once or twice a year when I am in the city. I get the "Three Meat Platter", which includes a pound each of their hot brisket, corned beef, and pastrami (to die for), as well as fresh rye bread, stone ground mustard, and half sour pickles. It all just works very well together.
#3 - Twisted Sistas' Café, Moab, UT - (open) - Upscale food at midscale prices. We enjoyed many shrimp dishes, as well as beef tenderloin and grilled eggplant. Everything tastes extra good after a day of activity in the Arches National Park area.
#2 -  Texas de Brazil, Las Evgas, NV and Orlando, FL - (open) - A Brazillian steakhouse where servers bring out just-cooked hot meats on skewers. Definitely the place if you are looking to experience a 'meat coma', lol. I rank them above Fogo de Chao (another upscale Brazillian steakhouse) due to the larger meat selection, and much better salad/appetizer bar. It is a fixed price place.  
#1 - Zaytinya - Washington, DC - (open) - We go here every holiday season. Mezze platters (small plates of the Eastern Mediterranean: Greek, Lebanese and Turkish). Their Garides Me Anitho (sautéed shrimp, dill, shallots, mustard, and lemon juice) is incredible. Their Bronzino entrée is awesome. We have tried about 1/3 of all the items on the menu over the past 4 years and haven't had a dud yet. Nice place to take the family. You know a place is good when, when you go you are torn between getting the great dish you had on the last visit, or trying something new. With mezze plates, you can do both!
Finally, on a side note, I'll be in Florida (Cape Canaveral, Key Largo, Naples, Tampa areas) in March. If anyone has some "can't miss" places I should look into, please fire me a pm. Thx
So, what are your Top 5? 

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