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FF 29.01

From: Eric L 5/14/2014 2:31:33 PM

Firefox Users: A potentially great Firefox 29.01 Add-On ...

As I mentioned in a prior post, like many others I'm not crazy about the new Firefox 'Australis' UI in Firefox 29.0x and its lack of flexibility compared to earlier recent versions. I particularly detested not having the open tab row at the bottom of the toolbars and the lack of a capability to change that, but somehow and for several reasons some of which were difficult to define the 29.01 UX just wasn't as satisfying as it's predecessors. With this Add-On and the setting of just a few options I recieved instant gratification and I'm now totally satisfied and enjoying 29.01. There is a reason why the user rating is 5 stars with a lot of folks rating it.

Note: prior to implementing the Add-On I headed this caveat:

"It is recommended to switch to a new clean profile (or at least delete 'localstore.rdf' from profile folder) to avoid UI issues after upgrading from Firefox 28 (and older) to Firefox 29 (and newer)."

Note 2: For those who have forgotten how to easily access the profile folder go here ( Using the Help menu) ...

Best to all,

- Eric L. -

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