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Run Wild


Dallas Cowboys Commit to the Running Game


The Cowboys signed former Cardinals 2011 second- round pick Ryan Williams. Williams’ NFL experience is limited. He’s played in only five games in his short NFL career. He injured his patella tendon in his right knee during his rookie season and injured his shoulder the following season.

However things started looking up last season because Williams wasn’t injured in 2013 but the Cardinals made him inactive anyway. With the signing of Williams, does this mean the Cowboys are posed to run more?

I ask this question because they have five running backs on their roster: DeMarco Murray, Lance Dunbar, Joseph Randle, Ben Malena, and Martin Glasco. And they signed offensive tackle Zack Martin with their first round pick. Now I know Martin was drafted to protect the million dollar baby quarterback, Tony Romo, but Martin adds to a massive front line.

With all of these running backs and Martin, the Cowboys should be committed to running the ball more. For one, Murray had his best season yet, averaging 5.2 yards a carry, 1,121 yards, and nine touchdowns. Dunbar is a good change of pace back and was effective until his injury.

Randle performed well while Murray missed a few games. Add the newly acquired Williams and the Cowboys would be very effective running the ball.

Committing to the run will not only help Tony Romo, but it will open up play action, pick up first downs, run time off of the clock, and keep that awful, last ranked defense on the sideline.

When the Cowboys won those three Super Bowls in the 1990’s, it was because of a commitment to run the ball, not throw it 100 times a game and lose in the waning seconds of a crucial “win or get in playoff game.” And the dominant run game of the 90′s kept the defense on the sideline well rested.

Another reason the Cowboys should commit to the run is to protect Romo. He is coming off of his second back surgery in as many seasons. If Jerry wants to protect his $100 million dollar quarterback, he needs to hand the ball off to a running back that only averaged 5.2 yards, rushed for 1,121 yards, scored nine touchdowns, and caught the winning touchdown against the Redskins to put his team in position to win the division title and gain a playoff berth.

Murray did that while missing a few games.

Imagine what Murray can do for the Cowboys if he gets 25 carries a game?

Division title?



Who knows!

Maybe one, two, or all three.

Just run the ball and you will find out!

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