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The following message was updated on 7/17/2014 10:31:18 AM.

Add boards to your "My Boards" list

There are several ways to add boards to your My Boards page. 
First, you can use the "Add Board" link on your My Boards page.  To get to My Boards, you can use the green "My Boards" link in the upper left hand corner of your page.

Using the green link will open up a pop-up version of My Boards:
 Alternatively, you can access My Boards via the "My IV" link in the blue menu bar at the top of your page.  When you go to My IV, the page defaults to the in-page view of My Boards.
When you click "Add New Board" you will then see a pop-up box where you can search and select a board to add to your list.  (NOTE: In this case we are using "Google (GOOG)" for illustrative purposes only as it is a highly recognizable name & symbol - this is not a buy or sell recommendation. As stated in our User Agreement, we are not in the business of offering investment or other financial advice.)
A quicker way to do the same thing is to simply go to the board first, then click "Add To My Boards."  
You can use our search tool located in the upper right hand of your page to navigate to a board:
When you get to the board, click on the Add To My Boards link (note: once you click it, the link will disappear, indicating that the board has been added. 

To double check, just click My Boards or My IV and look for a link to the board you intended to add. 

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