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The following message was updated on 7/17/2014 11:21:24 AM.

Auto-save and Save Draft explained


As a Premium Member, in most cases where your posting activity has been disrupted (such as, for example, if your power goes out, or you accidentally close your browser window, or navigate away from your board before posting your message) your message will have been automatically saved to a temporary file on our servers, giving you the opportunity to retrieve it, as described below.

Auto-save is triggered approximately every 30 seconds while you are working on a message. 
You will see evidence of the auto-save in two places: 

- in a highlighted block of text to the right of your message composition box: 
- in a pop-up window in the lower right hand corner of your page:

In order to retrieve your message, you need to first go back to the board where you were planning to post your message and click on the "Post" (or "Reply") button again.  This must be done BEFORE you attempt to post another message on our site.  Posting or even composing another message from your account will overwrite the saved draft and your earlier message will be lost.  
So, assuming you have not inadvertently overwritten your previous message, you should be able to restore it.  When you go back to the particular board you were going to post on, look for the green lettered message in the right hand panel, below "My Recent Posts."  It should look something like this: 
Clicking the green "Restore Autosave" link should cause the most recently saved version of your message to re-appear in the message composition box.  Then you will be able to continue writing/editing your message, at which time you will be able to post it as you normally would by clicking the "Post Message" button. 


TIP: It's never a bad idea to get in the habit of clicking "Save Draft" when you are working on a long message, as this is stored in your "Saved Drafts" folder on your board and will be available for posting at a later date, even if auto-save is no longer available.  Auto-save is a nice feature to have in a pinch, but it should ultimately be thought of as an operation of last resort.  Periodically clicking "Save Draft" while working on a long, involved message is always a good idea.  If "Save Draft" is clicked before the next auto-save, there will be no auto-save to restore.  In this case, you will simply go to your "Saved Drafts" folder and open the message there. 
NOTE: Because auto-save is a highly resource-intensive feature, especially considering the volume of activity on our site, we are able to offer it as part of our premium service only, not as part of our free basic service.

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