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The Demise Of Paper Money
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Re: I originaly posted .....Structure

How would that fare in a 40MPH wind? We use open ended hoopahs that allow wind to pass through but of course our winter temps never go below 35 or so and are usually closer to 45 at the low and 65 at the high. We use aluminum tubes and canvas or plastic covers.

Growing organic food and having livestock will be way more important than a pending lawsuit against some brokerage house if it all implodes. And those with PMs will do better bargaining with the food producers than those with a pending lawsuit will.

In the great cycles of life and civilization all things come around and a return to Agrarian life in USoA just as China and SE Asia are moving away from it and to urban centers is one more dot to connect. The Yin -Yang of society is always in flux. Bottom line is without fresh water and food all the money in the world is worthless. As is the gold. But should a time arise where fiats have died there will be a need for a tool to help facilitate trade. That will be PMs. If I have a tractor for sale and you have beans but I do not need beans and you do need a tractor we need to find some way to trade. In the absence of paper money and without a complicated barter arrangement we would use PMs. I take some PM from you for my tractor and use it for my needs. Sure we can trade beans for bulls at times but there will need to be some other mechanism for trade and for savings. Only a person completely ignorant of world history would be certain such an event could not happen again.

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