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In Situ Oil Sands SOR Reduction Initiative 2013

October 29-30, 2013

No Petrobank.

Nexan has a SAGD and Oxygen process their testing in the lab.

4.00 Investigating The Practical Viability Of In Situ Combustion To Facilitate Reduction In Production Costs For A Higher API Crude
Assessing real time performance results of In situ combustion to enable accurate CAPEX investment decisions. Hearing how producers are effectively managing production efficiencies bearing the extra costs associated with a high temperature process. Investigating the interaction of water saturation on fire generation down hole to understand the impact on oil recovery. Determining the runtime of fire flooding techniques to ensure sustained oil flow back. Evaluating the quality of oil recovered with fire flooding compared to standard oil production to allow for calculated recovery technique selection decisions
Alex Turta, Project Leader EOR, Light, Heavy and Extra-Heavy Oils, Alberta Innovates -Technology Futures
4.30 Question & Answer Session

4.40 Examining SAGDOX As A Hybrid Process Combining The Benefits Of SAGD And In-situ Combustion To Optimize Steam And Oxygen Ratios As The Process Matures
Investigating results of the bitumen characterization, temperature oxidation, and combustion tube tests to assess feasibility of the SAGDOX process. Understanding how the SAGDOX process can be applied to reservoirs that are currently being developed with SAGD and to non-SAGD reservoirs, thin pay, lean zone, and deep bitumen zones to optimize bitumen recovery. Deciphering how Oxygen's greater energy density will enable SAGDOX to significantly reduce SOR and OPEX
Thomas Harding, Corporate Technology Senior Advisor, Nexen Inc.

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