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Re: Plato you around

Yeah I knew y'all were late last year. Thats what led to the original post. I had heard or read that some folks never got anything put in the ground at all.

They used to never plant here before April but that changed about 6 or 8 years ago. I am not sure if its a climate change thing or just seeds that can handle the cooler weather. What is probably happening is that the farmers look for the first dry period after march 15. Take a chance on a late freeze versus batteling spring muddy conditions.

On another note, I see nothing on the ag side of investing worth any consideration at all with the current virus epidemic. Ethanol producers are gonna suffer along with the energy guys. Equipment plays will see a cautious market. Seed and chemical players the same. One of the old board favorites Ag Growth Int. has fallen to 17 and yields 14%.

Time to tighten your seat belt.

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