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Re: Plato you around

Now I am, and we had a middling year on corn at 203 bu/acre, and a good one on soybeans 68 bu/acre.  Much of these grains are waiting to be sold, since 2018 was such a bounty yield year, and prices continue execrable.  We have storage for what we don't sell in the fall, and in recent years have been able to take all not sold in the fall to the co-op and get it weighed in Feb instead of March with no storage costs.  That gives us our absolute yield, down to a fraction of a bushel.  We are waiting for the late spring bounce, but anything before will do.  Prices are terrible, but we will still turn a profit this year.  We still have a lot to sell, and over $50K in the bank from fall sales accrued in January.  (Some of what we sold in the fall we delayed payment to January, totally legal, so we have a pile of cash in the farm manager hopper).  I do love this farm, even in the bad times.  I'd just like to see prices back where they were in 2018.  But that wish . . . ha, ha. 
Best to all, and especially I wish you all good health. 

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