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a win against the slimes in Ottawa

Today, Alberta's Court of Appeal released a historic decision to strike down the Trudeau government's No-More-Pipelines law (Bill C-69).
In its 4-1 majority decision, the Court said that the law "constitutes a profound invasion into provincial legislative jurisdiction and provincial propriety rights."

"The unavoidable effect of the [No-More-Pipelines law] would be the centralization of the governance of Canada to the point that this country would no longer be recognized as a real federation," wrote the four judges on Alberta's highest Court.

They went on to say that the federal government does not have "the constitutional right to appropriate the birthright and economic future of the citizens of a province."
Not only is this a huge win for our province and our right as Albertans to responsibly develop our resources, it is also vindication of our strategy to fight for a Fair Deal for Alberta and get results.
Unsurprisingly, Prime Minister Trudeau said today that he will appeal this decision and we will fight him every step of the way.
I believe that the majority of Canada's provinces will stand up for the Canadian federation, for the constitution, and for jobs and the economy by supporting Alberta when this reaches the Supreme Court of Canada.
The No-More-Pipelines law is no longer in effect, but the fight is not over.
 Ottawa’s No More Pipelines Law is unconstitutional.

The Alberta Court of Appeal ruled Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Bill C-69 is unconstitutional.

Trudeau’s Bill C-69 is a terrible law that will make it harder to build energy projects and get Canadians back to work. And it will harm taxpayers like you.

That’s because fewer pipelines and resource projects means Trudeau will try to reach into your wallet to cover those lost revenues. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation calculated that the pipeline deficit has already cost taxpayers more than $6 billion since 2013 and that cost could grow by more than $3 million every day. That’s a lot of money that could be used to build more hospitals or stay in your pockets.

CTF supporters like you took action and it paid off. They supported the CTF’s intervention in Alberta’s court challenge against the No More Pipelines Law. And the Alberta courts ruled Trudeau’s law is unconstitutional.

This is a big win for thousands of CTF supporters as well as energy workers and all Canadian taxpayers.

But the fight isn’t over, and need more Canadians ready to stand with and fight for Canadian resources and taxpayers.

 build the taxpayer army by signing the PETITION to support pipelines and forwarding it to your friends and family. Here’s the link to the online petition: https://www.taxpayer.com/petitions/stop-roadblocking-pipelines

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