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Re: so--has Alberta been infiltrated by the Chinese?

  the medical technocracy does not get to tell me--or you--what to do.
the Alberta Government has not publicly endorsed the triple med of hydroxychloroquine--with Zinc and the  z antibiotic.  WHY NOT????? 
When 60 per cent of people who have died ( allegedly) from C-19 are over 70--why are all the young people trapped at home? 
Kenney is half baked on this--and I voted for him--but he is not paying attention to REAL facts--he has either been sucked in or he is complicit to  attempt to gain an edge with JT.
I have read everything I can find on this issue from mid-January....these are my current opinions based on that review. 
some say--timing is everything--how the F did this happen when it did?

Deputy Medical Officer of Health

Dr. Jing Hu

Dr. Jing Hu received her medical degree from Tongji Medical University in Wuhan, China. She completed an Internal Medicine Residency, worked as a respirologist for three years, and earned a Ph.D. in Medical Science before coming to Canada. From 2014 to 2019, Dr. Hu did her Public Health and Preventive Medicine training at the University of Calgary. She was appointed the Deputy Medical Officer of Health in Alberta on January 27, 2020.

 no it is not--this woman is second in command at the Alberta health --centre of making decisions about who goes back to work and who doesn't and that affects the oil and gas industry in a very large way. So please-- this is specific NOT general.  
ask yourself--how real is this--this overshot, overhyped pandemic-- the numbers don't match the results...not in this world.
We are all being had.
When was it that a Dr. got to tell us how to live, where to go, what to do, if we can work--it is all BS... the NUMBERS make NO sense..
There IS no pandemic, except for the fear that has been engendered by the WHO and the CDC--both of which are HIGHLY suspect entities.
Think for yourself. 
And yes people are dying all over the world--as they always have and as they always will--the designation of cause of death is highly suspect. People are said to have died from C-19
after they died--without ever being tested. In fact the tests for C-19 are PCR tests and they are suspect ---the designer of the test clearly stated that PCR tests were not to be used as diagnostic tests--yet they are.
There is a scheme afoot. We are being used as pawns. 

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