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Re: More OT- Re: OT Canada Election - no more Trudeau

Funny thing is that the Progressive Conservatives were an admirable party. I was both a member and a contributor for decades. But after they merged with Reform and kicked out all the "Red Tories" it lurched into irrationality and jingoism.
I live near Kingston, there are many prisons in the area. A long-running program was the prison farms, which was incredibly successful at rehabilitating the inmates. Some of them were murderers, came from broken homes, etc. and had little empathy. But after a year of working with cattle they completely changed. Their recidivism rate was near zero, compared to 2/3 for the average inmate. Long story short, the Conservatives decided that the farms were not teaching useful job skills, so shut them down.
Similarly they shut down the Experimental Lakes in northern Ontario, where scientists from around the world had long running projects. Overnight they put security guards on the site and expelled the scientists multiple years of work were permanently lost.
There are countless examples of their lack of empathy or foresight, including when it came to harm-reduction sites in Vancouver. And their avoidance of indigenous issues was epic, save for imposing auditors on their books.
Eventually I gave up and joined the Liberals a few years later.
I'd be happy to re-join the PCs ! 

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