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Re: What's wrong with PXT and GPRK? Duque, Biden and Trudeau

don't disagree on PXT but selling Colombia to the institutions, etc, isn't as easy as other, more traditional locales. -rfk

Biden and Trudeau can (will) hurt you more than Duque. I can see a day when energy investors might be stampeding to get out of the USA and Canada and into places like Colombia...or at least when the taxes and regulations from woke Western politicians will raise the price of crude to the benefit of third world producers who don't face the same costs. And then you have the problem of a herd of elephants trying to squeeze into O'Malleys pub. Consider the total market cap of the independent international E&Ps in relation to the North Americans and Europeans....  -t72 
President Duque looks bad in comparison to the previous president Juan Manuel Santos. As far as righteous conservative politicians in Latin America go, he embodies a lot of characteristics that should appeal strongly to North American investors:   a healthy Us versus Them attitude with a willingness to quickly dehumanize 'them', a Dark Ages style of morality, a preference to either hurt or kill instead of sitting down and talking, a preference for violent purges, a complete disregard for the economic cost of his righteous policies, etc.  
Is Duque that different or much worse than other conservative politicians in Latin America?   Probably not.  Thankfully Colombia is now an OECD country with strengthening institutions and that will limit some of the craziness.  Besides that, Duque is now a lame duck president.
For the rest, I strongly disagree with you.  President Biden is wonderful for the oil and gas sector!    He fully supports the US cheap energy entitlement.   And so far his policy interventions have been only on the supply side.  (US hegemony will continue to decline under his leadership but do most Americans really care?)
The USA boasts the lowest excise taxes on gasoline and diesel among the rich OECD countries (except perhaps California).  The federal excise taxes have not budged in over 3 or was it 4 decades which means the real taxes on these polluting fuels have been constantly declining.
A policy of leaving demand alone and interdicting supply means more profits for oil companies.  That is precisely how the War on Drugs evolved in North America.  Leave consumers largely alone and righteously (and ineffectively) persecute producers and distributors.   
As for Trudeau.....   it looks like the Trudeau federal government will actually get the Transmountain pipeline expansion built.  It has been tough.  There was a shutdown earlier this year because of nesting  birds which is odd because construction of suburbs and similar is never halted for wildlife. But the opposition is coming from the substructure, i.e., grass roots activists including a lot of very unhealthy obese First Nations who are privileged (sic) to face lower taxes on fuel just like subsidy-hungry farmers and ranchers.
 Do you think the Harper Conservatives would have done a better job?   Stephan Harper never understood many North America special interests and was particularly tone deaf with regard to First Nations. 
Stephan Harper was a vocal supporter of Israel and its efforts to flood the West Bank with immigrants who, in passing, now outnumber the original, mostly Semitic inhabitants of the former Palestinian Mandate who were pushed out by Palestinian Jewish terrorists during the Nakba. 
Clearly is there much support for the Israeli nation building process throughout North America.  Americans have been socialized from an early age to glorify the ethnic cleansing terrorism campaigns waged against aboriginals and that has also rubbed off on Canadians.  There is significant support for all of Israel's policies in the New Democratic Populist party, the Canadian Green Party and Trudeau's Liberal party.
The difference between let's say the Liberals and the Conservatives is the Liberals are far less vocal and strident in their support for Israel and all its controversial policies.  Salience matters.  
The other problem with the Conservative Party is that they oppose carbon taxes levied on individuals, and support cheap energy which creates an opportunity for equally righteous activists to campaign in favour of shutting down production and distribution.   The Canadian Greens love the cheap energy entitlement too.
Actually, I am more bullish on the WCSB than I have been in years and have been buying.   Things are changing for the better despite the best efforts of Conservatives like Barking Mad Dog Kenney -- the current premier of Alberta -- to nourish those opposing pipelines and bitumen production.   Things are looking up in the WCSB in part due to federal Liberal governments.

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