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Re: Touchstone - Graphic of Cascadura 1ST...some interpretation of Moonans facebook comments

From another board: 
"Here's my thoughts/interpretation. Left side of well yellow - sand/reservoir, black- shale/non reservoir; Right side fluid saturation: red-gas, green-oil and blue-water. As it appear to depicts BW-5 with a possible oil-water transition zone down at 8000'

So Sheet 1 would be pay in CAS1 as depicted, interesting no interpreted correlative sand present in BW-5, so I wouldn't say half of sheet one is pay the yellow mapping is a simple characterization of the pay thickness, but with turbidites they are not consistant. Without a test haven't confirmed deliverability...are we only getting high deliverability in the lower zones due to fracture enhancement of the rollover? The backthrust adds more complexity. and possible compartmentalization

Sheet 2 - yes looks like pay, in a smaller thrust block, need to see the lateral extent from the 3D. The thickness is exagerated due to the rollover of the strata. Further testing coming up hole creates complexity and risk to loosing the well during workover. With the high pressure and high rates the packers and plugs to isolate with the option to bring back on later could become difficult especially when there's significant depths to span. And dealing with gas and having to keep the well under control. With the then future intent to go back down and produce the lower intervals first...why risk loosing the well investment at this point, don't damage the well during the workover etc. So cudo's to Paul and his team for stopping there. The only other alternative would would have been to conduct some tests MDT/RFT or DST's prior to running production casing, but didn't know it was gas yet..maybe on well 2. With the thrusting these may be partially sealing faults creating different pools. From a 2D pictogram would be hard to say there's commecial quantities...but it definitely looks good. They may have layered some into the probable and possible categories, they've captured the capital for looks like 2 more wells. The liquids/gas ratio was constant between all reserve cases so that leads me to believe they weren't included in the assessment. It would be prudent to lean the gas as one come up structure, imo.

Sheet 4 not that simple...maybe. Can see the interpretation is a thickening of pay due to the rollover. Interesting they're puttiong the 7bc marker at or below the CAS 1 well...so a thicker 7a section... If seismic is right and TF A is ~500' it could be majority pay...but keep in mind its a turbidite which is very heterogenious. The back thrust fault has to be creating a separate pool as shown we've got gas below the oil show on the other side if this is drawn to structural scale and they're showing some throw in the fault down here.

Looks to be potentially 6 Herrera pools if faults are sealing or partially sealing plus the Cruse here and we've tested 2. I assume they're targeting Sheet 5 (Intermediate) for the original oil prospect. On that graphic trajectory one's relying on seismic interpretation. On this pictogram to the left on prior presentation I belive they want to ensure to encounter the 7bc layer which has been the key layer of reservoir sand ...and moving up structure away from the water. With this interpretion they're anticipating the formation has just about completely rolled over. Just have to hope the back thrust wasn't active/sealing during in this interval creating a different pool from the BW5 oil show.

All in all a very revealing picture, thanks for finding and sharing it!

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