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Jobs boom UK offshore

Jobs boom for UK offshore
Posted 15.01.2013 10:24:49 av John Bradbury
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Jobs in the UK offshore oil and gas sector are set to surge by around 40, 000 to 50,000 according to a new industry survey.

Developments like BP's huge Quad 204 project in the UK West of Shetlands region, Statoil's Mariner heavy oil development, the outcome of the UK's 27th Offshore Licensing Round with the award of 167 new offshore exploration licences, and the likely development of onshore shale gas in the UK could provide the massive surge in the job market according to Oil and Gas People.com, a online recruitment firm.

In an annual review of the energy sector, the company says evidence of increased investment in the North Sea will translate into a jobs surge.

“In the last few months alone in the UK Statoil announced a £4.3bn investment into North Sea Oil creating over 700 jobs, a £1bn project to develop the Harris and Barra oilfields was announced, as well as another £1bn investment by joint venture Canadian-based Talisman Energy and Chinese company Sinopec,” declared Kevin Forbes, chief executive of Oil and Gas People said.

“Large projects backed by BP [in the]West of Shetland are already under way and Total's new Terminal project in Shetland is in full swing,” he points out.

Forbes added: “There are too many new projects to mention and from our own industry knowledge we expect more big announcements in 2013.”

“There's been a lot of talk about the North Sea being in decline but employment is booming at the moment,” Forbes underlined.

In the Independent newspaper, he added: “Decommissioning projects are taking off as they come to the end of their life. At the same time, the consistently high oil price, tax changes and new technology have made it economically viable to extend the life of exiting projects and start new ones,” he said. 

Jobs will be created for drilling experts, engineers, geologists, and support service staff, the company's predictions suggest, taking the UK energy market job total to nearly half a million.

Nevertheless, the company also predicts ongoing skill shortages for the energy sector, as new projects demand experienced personnel, while at the same time people already working in the industry seek to earn more from lucrative contracts overseas

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