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 Back in 1995 I used to go to Reno every football season and bet on the ‘49ers and also the combination bets (pick 8 out of 8 at huge odds).  One time I came back with a new truck.  And not just any truck, a Ford F-250 with a 460 v8 air conditioning, fully loaded.  So the first thing I did was get a $600 6 speaker sound system, running boards, a horn that was loud as a ship’s horn, etc.  The works!  Well, I was having a good run of luck, as a friend of mine joined a wine club and wanted me to split a case at $15 a bottle…..sure, why not?  Well, that wine a few months later was rated number 1 in the world and selling for $200 a bottle!  So we took a camping trip in the truck into Utah, Wyoming, Montana, etc.  One day we find a butcher shop out in nowhere with great big buffalo steaks, so we buy some and go out in the middle of nowhere and find a state campsite.  Only one person there and he immediately packed up and split, must have been running from the law or something.  Anyway, we marinated our steaks in $200 wine, drank out of the bottles like it was ripple, cranked up that sound system with funny old Amos and Andy tapes and partied like it was 1999!  That’s how us country boys go camping!  

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