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I started to mention earlier but didnít. For my 3%-5% yielding stocks in this category, Iím looking for deep value stocks, issues that have potential to bounce to a much higher valuation or which have potential to dramatically increase earnings/dividend payout. Also my focus here is for stock pickers over those simply seeking pure sector/category exposure. For this reason ETF and CEFs are omitted, as are REITs, utilities, MLPs. My portfolio does include a weighting of traditional income stocks and ETFs, but the overall current target is to achieve a 5% average yield. With current depressed yields, actual average is just a little over 4.5%. My ongoing search for depressed C corp types of companies is what prompted the theme of this board.

While SPHD has an interesting yield and composition, I would probably select 4-5 ETFs to achieve my desired target compostion, with average yield closer to 5%. Themes would likely include REITS, MLPs, utility including telecom, and high dividend value both US and ex US. Thanks for the suggestion though as SPHD may represent the perfect solution for some readers.

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