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Re: High Yield Total Return

Alex wrote, <<< Over the years I've redefined what I consider 'high yield'. In the past we never even considered investing in a stock that yielded under 5% and in fact most holdings yielded 7% or more. At the same time that getting an over 5% yield from any quality company became nearly impossible, I started looking further down the yield spectrum. Now we view high yield as merely carrying a higher yield than an average stock. Many of our positions now yield in the 2.5% to 3.5% range. The new structure of the portfolio places a greater emphasis on total return and dividend growth rather than giving high current yield primary consideration. >>>

I still own a lot of stocks that I like that yield 6%, 7%, 8%, even up to 11%.

But I have made room for vehicles matching your description. SPHD, mentioned in my prior post, has a five-year record of very nice price growth persistence and dividend growth.

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