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Re: Initial Tickers for consideration

 If you're going to get a 3-5% yield, you obviously want to get some growth from the stock as well.  I went through my holdings, sorted for yield, and picked out the ones that offer a good chance for some meaningful growth in addition to the dividend.  Canadian stocks only (I use ETFs for some US stock exposure).  Of course, all the big 5 Canadian banks are in this yield range, and represent fantastic long term investments, being in an oligopoly in a business that virtually everybody needs.  They give you long term share price appreciation, as well as steady dividend growth.  No need to list those.  The ones that I have picked out are:
Enercare  (ECI) 4.7%
ZCL Composites (ZCL) 4.4%
Genworth (MIC) 4.4%
Cineplex (CGX) 4.3%
Parkland (PKI) 4.3%
Algonquin Power (AQN) 4.2%
Rocky Mountain Dealerships (RME) 3.4%
Sylogist (SYZ) 3.0%
There are also some good quality REITs that offer some growth, in this yield range, like Allied Properties (AP.UN), Pure Industrial (AAR.UN), CAP REIT (CAR.UN), and InterRent (IIP.UN).

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