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Re: Initial Tickers for consideration

Similarly, for Canadian stocks on the TSX:
Stock Filter Results
Industry:All; Security:Common; Exchange:Toronto Stock Exchange; Dividend Yield min:3; max:5; 3 Year Profit Growth min:10; 3 Year Revenue Growthmin:10; 3 Year Asset Growth min:10;
Symbol 1 to 12 of 12.
Price Financial Estimate
Quotes | $ Change | % Change | 5-Star Ratings
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CompanySymbolAs of December 7, 2017 Find
Last PriceChangeTimeHighLowVolume52 Week
Absolute SoftwareABT-T6.64
-0.05-0.75Dec 066.686.6017,091.008.826.21Stock today Chart News
Algonquin Power & UtilitiesAQN-T14.08
0.171.22Dec 0614.2013.87655,560.0014.4010.88Stock today Chart News
EnerCare Inc.ECI-T20.12
0.070.35Dec 0620.2320.05129,381.0021.9417.38Stock today Chart News
Exco TechnologiesXTC-T9.30
0.070.76Dec 069.319.2153,239.0012.798.80Stock today Chart News
Fortis Inc.FTS-T47.34
0.430.92Dec 0647.6246.87810,615.0048.7339.83Stock today Chart News
Lucara DiamondLUC-T2.37
-0.06-2.47Dec 062.442.37169,964.003.312.18Stock today Chart News
Madison Pacific PropertiesMPC-T3.49
-0.01-0.29Dec 063.493.495,025.003.803.00Stock today Chart News
Madison Pacific PropertiesMPC.C-T3.15
0.030.96Dec 063.153.155,000.003.302.90Stock today Chart News
Sun Life Financial Inc.SLF-T51.65
0.220.43Dec 0652.1051.261,056,864.0053.2543.51Stock today Chart
Ten Peaks Coffee CompanyTPK-T6.14
-0.11-1.76Dec 066.206.1015,500.007.505.40Stock today Chart News
TerraVest Capital Inc.TVK-T9.35
0.000.00Dec 069.369.351,700.0010.247.85Stock today Chart News
Whitecap ResourcesWCP-T8.64
-0.20-2.26Dec 068.898.621,452,245.0012.908.42Stock today Chart News
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