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Market Call

January 21, 2021

Kim Bolton's Top Picks: Accenture, Qualcomm and

BNN Bloomberg


In the past nine months, the constant liquidity injections from central banks have led to a significant rebound in global equities. Market participants remain skeptical about the sustainability of the current momentum in markets and are confident that valuations are currently “stretched”, because traditional financial ratios such as forward P/E or price-to-sales have diverged sharply from their historical averages.

However, in 2021 another three trillion USD of liquidity is expected to reach markets, which will provide more ‘ammunition’ for the market’s bulls. This scenario creates a “buy the rumour, sell the news” environment, meaning when widespread vaccinations create herd immunity and global economies open up, liquidity injections from central banks will slow and market fundamentals and technicals should again become important. The forward-looking nature of the stock market, means ‘selling the news’ will happen well in advance of global economies opening up.

Going into 2021, we like large cap names like Ericsson, Microsoft, Nvidia and Alibaba. These four hardware and software firms are leaders in the accelerated move to the cloud. We also like semiconductors (for example Micron and Infineon Technologies) and e-commerce leaders (for example Shopify and PayPal). Lastly, we have selected a number leaders in half a dozen technology themes and trends – electrification, 5G deployment, digital twins, artificial intelligence, robotics and gaming - that have long and lucrative runways.

We have positioned the BSD Global Tech Hedge Fund with the expectation of more market volatility; the Fund is 94 per cent invested across a couple dozen tech vendors and tech end-users, with a 64 per cent short equity indices hedge on the invested portfolio that will incrementally grow if the market deteriorates.

The BSD credo – prosperously navigating unexpected events with great skill and agility – defines our ability to outperform in these uncertain markets.






Programming note: COVID-19

BNN Bloomberg

BNN Bloomberg’s COVID-19 Impact coverage now begins at 8 a.m. ET and runs until Market Call, which begins at 12 p.m. ET. Coverage resumes after the conclusion of Bloomberg Markets at 3 p.m. ET. Berman’s Call has returned to 11 a.m. ET Mondays, while Market Call Tonight remains on hiatus.

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