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Re: Montney vs Permian acreage in $ - Dave & PB-CEO

the properties are nothing alike imo...all these IRRs are nothing but funny money until it can be brought down to the bottom line as profit. and that includes montney ,marcellus and permian. the cost of producing gas and oil cheaply involves a lot more than drilling and completing wells. it involves heavy investment in infrastructure and transportation, and low finance costs.
Comparing this property to the best properties in the Permian is not something I would do. but your mileage may vary. I hope for holders of the stock that this works out very well. I believe that now they have done a complete reset of the balance sheet and acquired options with strike on .75 that chances are good this will work out from these levels.
I keep going back to insider buying. It's human nature to bend down and pick up a $20 bill if it's just there in front of you. it's impressive that their altruism of leaving the $20 on the ground for others to pick up completely overwhelms the urge to bend over and pick it up themselves. 

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