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Age 45
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Primary Occupation petroleum engineer
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$Colombia and Latin America  
$Junior Natural Resource Investments  
ARN:CA Arcan Resources Ltd. 
BXE Bellatrix Exploration Ltd. 
Canadian Blue-chip Industrial Forum  
Cdn. Yield: Corps, Trusts, GICs, Pref. Shares  
Energy Investing  
EQU:CA Equal Energy Ltd. 
FRO Frontline Ltd. 
IBR:CA Iron Bridge Resources Inc. 
Idea Xchange  
Income Investing  
John Fredriksen Companies  
MMT:CA Mart Resources Inc. 
Oil and Gas Discussion BB  
PEIX Pacific Ethanol Inc. 
Precious Metals  
RNO Mining and Forestry 
SRAX Social Reality, Inc. 
VT:CA Viterra Inc. 

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