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Member Since 7/24/2006
Basic Information
Age 77
Gender Male
Location Colts Neck, NJ 07722  NJ  USA
Primary Occupation Investor
Other Occupation Software Consultant
Favorite Stocks Petrobank
Favorite Links/Tools/Etc.
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Investing In Market Since
Additional Information
Boards RossA Follows
$Colombia and Latin America  
$Junior Natural Resource Investments  
_____xPxCZx _____xxPetro-Canada 
_____xPxXPx _____xxPlains Exploration & Production Company 
____xPxSxE ____xxPacific Stratus Energy Ltd. 
___xAxXxC ___xxAddax Petroleum Corporation Coastal Energy Company 
AEN.V Antrim Energy Inc. 
ALE Alange Energy Corp. 
ARN Arcan Resources Ltd. 
AWEC Ameriwest Energy Corp. 
BCTE Big Cat Energy Corporation 
BPZ BPZ Resources, Inc. 
BRYYY Berry Political Board 
BUK Bridge Resources Corp. 
BXE Bellatrix Exploration Ltd. 
CANOQ Cano Petroleum Inc 
CEX Contact Exploration Inc. 
CLL Connacher Oil and Gas Limited 
CLT Celtic Exploration Ltd. 
CNE Canacol Energy Ltd 
CNQ Canadian Natural Resources Limited 
COS-UN Canadian Oil Sands Trust 
DDV Duvernay Oil Corp. 
DEE Delphi Energy Corp. 
DNE Dune Energy Inc 
DNR Denbury Resources Inc. 
DPTR Delta Petroleum Corporation 
DVN Devon Energy Corporation 
DXE DualEx Energy International Inc. 
ECA EnCana Corporation 
EGY VAALCO Energy, Inc. 
END Endeavour International Corporation 
ENG EnerGulf Resources Inc. 
EOG EOG Resources, Inc. 
EOR.V Enhanced Oil Resources Inc. 
EQU.TO Equal Energy Ltd. 
EUG Eurogas Corporation 
FO Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. 
FXEN FX Energy Inc 
GMXR GMX Resources, Inc. 
GO-B Galleon Energy Inc. 
GPOR Gulfport Energy Corporation 
GSA Groundstar Resources Limited 
GST Gastar Exploration Ltd. 
GTE Gran Tierra Energy Inc. 
GWE Grey Wolf Exploration Inc. 
GZ Accrete Energy Inc. 
HNR Harvest Natural Resources Inc. 
HOC Heritage Oil Corp. 
HSE Husky Energy Inc. 
IAE.TO Ithaca Energy Inc. 
IMO Imperial Oil Limited 
INA Iona Energy Inc. 
IOC InterOil Corporation 
KCL Potash One Inc. 
KOG Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp.  
LEY Loon Energy Inc. 
LVL Lynden Ventures Ltd. 
MCF March Resources Corp. 
MCF Contango Oil & Gas Company 
MGWSF MegaWest Energy Corp. 
MHRC Magnum Hunter Resources 
MILL Miller Petroleum Inc. 
MMT Mart Resources Inc. 
MNAP Manas Petroleum Corp. 
MRP Mira Resources Corp. 
NKO Niko Resources Ltd. 
NLR-A NuLoch Resources Inc 
OBQI Oilsands Quest, Inc. 
Oil and Gas Discussion BB  
OIL.V LGX Oil + Gas Inc. 
Old TGA MB  
OPC OPTI Canada Inc. 
OYL CGX Energy Inc. 
PAR Petro Andina Resources Inc. 
PBG Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd. 
PBN PetroBakken Energy Ltd. 
PDP Petrolifera Petroleum Limited 
PFC PetroFalcon Corporation 
PMG Petrominerales Ltd. 
POE.V Pan Orient Energy Corp. 
PPY-A Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd. 
PRE Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. 
Precious Metals  
PTCH Patch International Inc. 
PTV.V Petro Vista Energy Corp. 
PXX Pearl Exploration and Production Ltd. 
QEC Questerre Energy Corporation 
RXR Reece Energy Exploration Corp. 
RYD Ryland Oil Corporation  
SD SandRidge Energy, Inc. 
SE Stratic Energy Corporation 
SGI Sagres Energy Inc. 
SLG.V Sterling Resources Ltd. 
SOQ Sonde Resources Corp. 
SQZ Serica Energy plc 
SSN Samson Oil and Gas Limited 
STO Shelton Canada Corp. 
STP Southern Pacific Resource Corp. 
SU Suncor Energy Inc. 
SYN Synenco Energy Inc. 
SYNM Syntroleum Corporation 
TAO TAG Oil Ltd. 
TCK Teck Cominco Ltd. 
TGL TransGlobe Energy Corporation 
TIM Timminco Limited 
TOG TriStar Oil & Gas Ltd. 
UPL Ultra Petroleum Corp. 
Using InvestorVillage Members helping members get more out of the site. 
UTS UTS Energy Corporation 
VNX Verenex Energy Inc. 
VQ Venoco Inc. 
VRNXF Verenex Energy Inc. 
VST Vast Exploration Inc. 
WEE Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. 
WTL West Energy Ltd. 
XEL Xcite Energy Limited 
ZAZA ZaZa Energy Corporation 
ZCL ZCL Composites Inc. 

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