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AACS American Commerce Solutions, Inc. 7
AAPH American Petro-Hunter, Inc. 8
AARD Across America Real Estate Corp. 1
AASP All American Sportpark Inc. 3
ABCP AmBase Corp. 2
ABDS Allegro Biodiesel Corporation 4
ABEW Airbee Wireless Inc. 43
ABHD Abtech Holdings, Inc. 49
ABHH American Bank Note Holographics, Inc. 1
ABKB American Basketball Association, Inc. 2
ABKH American Bank Holdings Inc. 3
ABNC American Bancorp Inc. (LA) 1
ABNS Alliance Bancshares California 1
ABOS Arbios Systems Inc. 1
ABOZ American Bonanza Res 4
ABPA Allegiance Bank North America (PA) 1
ABPH Advanced BioPhotonics Inc. 3
ABSD Atlantis Business Development Corporation 2
ABTN Alliance Bank & Trust Company 1
ABZA Abazias Inc. 3
ACAL America California Bank 1
ACAN AmeriCann, Inc. 1
ACAQ Acorn Acquisition Corp. 1
ACBC Albina Community Bancorp 1
ACBP American Community Bancorp, Inc. 1
ACCP Access Pharmaceuticals Inc. 323
ACCY Alternative Construction Company, Inc. 1
ACFN Acorn Factor, Inc. 3
ACGI The Amacore Group, Inc. 1
ACIE Acies Corporation 1
ACII AmeriChip International Inc. 244
ACKH Armstrong Holdings Inc. 1
ACLO ACL Semiconductor Inc. 2
ACMZ Achievers Magazine Inc. 1
ACNB ACNB Corporation 1
ACTT ACT Teleconferencing 1
ADBN Americana Distribution, Inc. 1
ADDL Aduddell Industries 172
ADDYY Adidas AG 1
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