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Msg  399455 of 477996  at  4/24/2011 4:39:06 PM  by

Golden Leopard

It has been 15 months since my wife died of cancer...

 Hi y'all...
I lurk here these days... I leave the posting to others, far more qualified to say something of importance or post useless drivel... as I once did (and do now).
It is April 24th, 2011... I am alone in my house, having a rum and cola, toasting the Resurrection... No worries folks... Jesus will forgive me for drinkin some Holy Water in His Honor... and remembering my other best friend, Kathy... as I sit here 12 miles from nowhere in the hinterlands of North Texas... waiting on another storm front, which will roll thru here tonight and possibly drive me underground  into the tornado shelter in my front yard, with my dog Frisco...
My son the USMC Sergeant has less than 6 months before his EOAS... in October, when after over 8 years in the Corps, having been deployed into harm's way three times fighting Muslim Extremists and terrorists... at that time, he will attempt to re-enter civil society, after having been a trained killer for the better part of his youth and the last decade... and go to Texas Tech to get a new education.
My daughter (22) is marrying a Muslim next month... an American citizen, who came to America from Guyana with his family who is from India (originally)... 
How Ironic ( in some ways)
My son owns 500 shares of Dendreon stock (among other stocks)... bought with his re-enlistment money about 4 years ago...
I kinda wish, that DND had not been frought with such perils which the company has experienced because of all WE long timers here KNOW has happened... and maybe... the path DNDN went down... could have saved my best friend had the process not been so convoluted... and more "cures" or  "treatments" been available to others with other forms of cancer... colo-rectal included.
The total bills associated with her FAILED (yet FDA approved) treatment were somewhere around 750,000 dollars... I am still paying off about 75,000 in co payments for that failure to save her. Her life was not extended one day.
relative to Provenge? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME... there's a debate?
All I can say is IF, there is proof to why WE the People need to get BACK to LIMITED GOVERNMENT... this is proof.
Have a Happy rest of your Holiday Weekend folks...
And keep those cards and letters coming or better yet GOING to those who are living off your tax dollars, making determinations about Life or Death... 
Just saying.


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