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Someone else has noticed the options activity


VirnetX Holding Corp - Trading Analysis

Posted on 11/19/2013 by Tom Kaplan

NEW YORK (AVAFIN) -- VirnetX Holding Corp witnessed a record number of call and put contracts during the busy trading session. There were 1.0 call contracts traded for each put contract yielding a 1.00 put/call ratio where 24,958 put and 25,022 call contracts exchanged hands.
The ratio skew implies that investors are hedging their positions in anticipation of a stock move. Today's unusual volume activity confirms that traders are re-balancing their portfolios.
Shares of VirnetX Holding Corp edged down $0.82 (4.08%) to $19.30. The price of the stock ranged between a low of $19.25 and $20.52 respectively. The trading volume of 542M is above the 90 day average volume of 327M shares. VHC is trading below the 50 day moving average. The stock's 52 week low is $16.10 and 52 week high is $36.84. Performance indicators show that the stock has lost -4.33% within the last quarter.

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