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Msg  36757 of 119967  at  1/4/2013 5:35:23 PM  by


Strong Buy

Pacer Doc - Injunction Coming?

This just showed up in Pacer.  It sure looks like Judge Davis is leaning toward granting an injunction, the bolded emphasis is mine:
01/04/2013647 ORDER TO SUBMIT BRIEFING. Apple shall provide VirnetX upto-date sales figures for the accused products and for the newly released iOS products, includingthe iPhone 5. These figures should be provided preferably by 1-10-2013 but no later than 1-15-2013. VirnetX shall submit an amended motion for post-verdict damages in light of Apples new data. VirnetXs motion shall be due 1-22-2013. Apple shall submit a response by 1-25-2013. Apple shall submit additional briefing that details the anticipated cost and time required to comply with an injunction. Apples brief shall be due 1-15-2013. VirnetX shall submit a response by 1-18-2013. Signed by Judge Leonard Davis on 01/04/13. cc:attys 1-04-13(mll, ) (Entered: 01/04/2013)

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