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Orders Probably Picked Up With Spending: U.S. Economy Preview (Futures just slightly green now)...


“It’s employment that’s really driving the bus for spending growth right now,” said Russell Price, a senior economist at Ameriprise Financial Inc. in Detroit. “As our economy expands, it’s going to allow manufacturing to build right along with it.”

Six months of the strongest job growth since 2006 is helping sustain incomes and spending, just as companies upgrade equipment, keeping the nation’s producers at the forefront of the almost three-year-old expansion. At the same time, higher transportation costs and slowdowns in Europe and China represent hurdles for manufacturing.

The Commerce Department’s report on March 28 is projected to show orders for goods meant to last at least three years climbed for the fourth time in five months, helped by a jump in demand for commercial aircraft. Boeing Co. received orders for 237 airplanes in February from 150 a month earlier, data from the Chicago-based company show.

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