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Msg  475 of 7239  at  3/30/2007 2:26:47 PM  by


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Re: ratio and sentiment indicator source (1-5) + Sentiment Primer


I have just a few minutes, but I wanted to drop a quick response to say thanks for what arguably is one of the best annotated bibliographies on current trading trends I've read in a long time. What you've assembled in these posts is really terrific, and I look forward to referring various contacts to them (they're all at "VIX and More" too, yes?) You also write amazingly well, which never goes un-noticed in dk World.

In fact, your content is so consistently excellent that it's made me suspicious. How could you have the time to write such excellent posts, and the knowledge to do so? So, I've narrowed the list of possible explanations to the following four:

-- you are a white-collar criminal serving time for securities fraud, writing from prison
-- you are a real-life Rainman savant, writing from a mental hospital, "defi-defini-defi-defi-No Deal Howie..."
-- you are a secret Wikipedia project: you're not a single person, but a collective of anonymous contributors writer under a common pseudonym
-- you're a speed-freak plagiarist, frantically copying and pasting from sources I've just haven't got around to reading
-- you're Vatican finance oldtimer with a terminal illness, cramming for sainthood

Seriously, thanks ^Bobo.

You weirdo...

with admiration,


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477 Re: ratio and sentiment indicator source (1-5) + Sentiment Primer bobothetradingbear 3 3/30/2007 3:16:49 PM

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