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Stats a fact ↑

Dry-cargo rates climbed for a 22nd successive day Friday on the back of continued improvements in the panamax and supramax markets.

The statistic is rather more impressive than the reality at a time when capsizes are running at just $4,500 daily and panas and supras at around $8,000 and $10,000 respectively.


Rio Tinto has hired the Chou Shan (built 2005) out of Dampier for Qingdao at $7.45 per ton.

Swiss Marine has booked the 180,700-dwt Navios Pollux (built 2009) on a relet from China Cosco at $2,500 daily for a transatlantic round voyage.


Quadra has hired the Chinese-owned 70,200-dwt Fortune East (built 1994) for four to six months at $9,750 daily.

In the spot market grain voyages were again pinned for the minimal increase in earnings.

Oldendorff has laid $16,500 daily on the table along with a $650,000 bonus for the 82,800-dwt Key Hunter (built 2011) out of Praia Mole for Singapore-Japan.

Cargill has spent $16,250 daily on the 80,000-dwt Ulusoy-12 (built 2011) out of Brazil for Singapore-Japan. A ballast bonus adds a further $650,000 to the tab.

Nidera has chartered the 76,800-dwt Red Queen (built 2005) in the SW Pass for the Gulf of Mexico and Skaw-Cape Passero at $10,750 daily and a $335,000 bonus.

Transgrain has taken on the 73,900-dwt Genco Vigour (built 1999) out of Recalada for the continent at $9,250 and a $300,000 bonus.

Transpower has booked the 87,300-dwt Blue Wave (built 2011) in the North Pacific for China at $9,000 daily.


STX Pan Ocean has paid $22,500 daily for the 50,316-dwt Chios Trinity (built 2004) out of the Gulf of Mexico for Singapore-Japan.

Noble must find $22,500 daily for the 53,600-dwt Chios Trinity (built 2004) to ply the same route.

D’Amico has booked the 56,000-dwt Triton Bulker (built 2009) for an Indonesia to Thailand run at $12,000 a day.

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