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Msg  8276 of 76018  at  7/17/2009 5:57:19 PM  by


MLP CEFs 7-17

MLP Closed-End Funds

12-31-0807-17Q2CurrentPrice/      YTD Percentage Change      
FundPricePrice DivYieldNAVPricePr+DivDiv*NAVLargest Holdings

FEN13.6921.000.4408.38116.4153.4059.82 11.39 25.19 EPD/MMP/KMP/PAA/ETP
FMO12.4216.110.3729.23120.8629.7135.70 1.88 16.22 EPD/KMR/PAA/EEP/NRGY
KYE11.5018.040.52010.64109.0056.8765.22 -3.03 35.21 KMR/PAA/EEQ/ETP/HK
KYN16.3021.530.5008.92124.1632.0937.98 -3.52 29.99 PAA/EPD/KMR/ETP/NRGY
MTP9.2712.310.0706.8299.9232.7936.57 -30.00 35.09 KMR/PAA/EPD/OKS/BPL
SRV4.486.580.22513.68151.9646.8751.90 -29.25 16.40 PAA/MMP/WPZ/ETP/MWE
TYG16.9726.310.5408.21117.0455.0461.40 -3.14 35.59 KMR/ETP/EEP/EPD/MMP
TYN10.6717.470.3708.47106.3963.7370.67 -2.63 35.14 ETP/KMR/EEQ/TCLP/LINE
TYY12.6519.380.4008.26102.5453.2059.53 -4.76 58.29 EEP/KMR/PAA/SXL/TCLP



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8355 Re: MLP CEFs 7-17 - funky stats producing a false alarm? factoids 19 7/22/2009 12:00:49 AM

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