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The following message was updated on 12/12/2009 11:16:55 PM.

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Re: SEC and Interoil

It's up nearly threefold since they came out with their campaign, complete with websites, YouTube video's, planted newspaper stories of befriended journalists, hired geologist reports, etc.

The market doesn't seem to be terribly impressed, now does it...

We've done a lot of covering on these people:

You might wanna read this:

And also this, a consideration of their most important "argument":

And some more background from the beginning of their campaign:

As a result, I get this kind of nonsense on a daily (probably hourly is more correct, actually) basis from their goons (and believe you me, that only scratches the surface):

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3594 Re: SEC and Interoil fredsdad0 1 12/13/2009 2:30:21 PM

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